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A roundup of the latest electronics news from Embedded World 2024, the major show running from 9-11 April in Nuremberg.

The event covers automotive, military, telecoms, industrial and consumer electronics sectors. For all our coverage, simply bookmark: www.electronicsweekly.com/tag/embedded-world/

Embedded World 2024

Thursday 11 April

Embedded World: Atom x7000RE SMARC processor modules for industry
Congatec announced SMARC modules based on Intel’s Atom x7000RE ‘Amston Lake’ processors. “Specially designed for industrial requirements, they deliver eight processor cores.”

Embedded World: DigiKey, NXP launch MCX MCU Design Contest
Entrants must use NXP’s new FRDM development boards, featuring its MCX N and MCX A series MCUs, to submit design ideas and projects for a chance to win a variety of prizes.

Wednesday 10 April

Embedded World: Atom x7000RE edge AI servers
Supermicro announces edge computers built around Intel’s Atom x7000RE processors. SYS-E100-14AM and SYS-E102-14AM mini-PCs have up to eight cores that dissipate less than 12W.

Mouser signs Edge Impulse; accelerates intelligence at the edge
Mouser reflects one of the major themes at Embedded World 2024, intelligence at the edge, and signs Edge Impulse, the software framework provider for embedded ML applications.

PLS debug and trace for NXP S32N55Embedded World: Debug and trace for S32N55 vehicle processor
Programmierbare Logik & Systeme is offering debug and trace for NXP’s S32N55 16 core software-defined vehicle processor.

Embedded World: fast 64bit quad core RISC-V development board for Linux
SiFive’s quad-core RISC-V development board, HiFive Premier P550, is built around an Eswin EIC7700 processor.

Embedded World: Vehicle processor has 16 Cortex real-time cores to consolidate ECU functions
NXP announces a real-time processor for vehicle central control computers with 16 1.2GHz Arm Cortex-R52 processors.

Infineon TC4xTriCore based vehicle processorEmbedded World: Infineon TC4x MCUs cleared for AI safety
Infineon has its forthcoming TC4x automotive microcontrollers cleared for safe AI processing by the Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems (IKS).

Tuesday 09 April

Embedded World: Cortex-M33 Wireless MCUs for Bluetooth LE and Matter
Silicon Labs announces an Arm Cortex-M33 based family of secured wireless microcontrollers covering Matter, OpenThread, Zigbee and Bluetooth LE. Called xG26, it consists of MG26 devices for Matter, OpenThread and Zigbee, BG26 devices for Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth Mesh, and PG26 devices for the same processing power without wireless transceivers.

Renesas RA0E1-block-diagramEmbedded World: 84.3μA/MHz Cortex-M23 MCUs
Renesas is claiming “industry’s lowest overall power consumption for general purpose 32-bit MCUs” for its Arm Cortex-M23 based RA0 series. Consumption is 84.3μA/MHz and the company “offers a ‘software stand-by’ mode that reduces power consumption by a further 99% to 0.2 µA”, it said.

Embedded World: AVR MCU gets USB and code protection
Microchip creates an AVR microcontroller series with 12Mbit/s USB 2.0 and code protection. “As the next generation of Microchip 8-bit MCUs to integrate USB connectivity, the AVR DU family is designed to provide enhanced security features,” said the company.

Neural processor in Bluetooth and Matter wireless MCU
Alif Semiconductor has put an Arm Ethos-U55 neural processor alongside a Bluetooth Low Energy radio in a microcontroller for AI and machine learning workloads – all in a tine WLCSP package.

Arm-Corstone-320-blockArm’s most powerful neural processor for microcontrollers
Arm has announced its most powerful microcontroller-grade neural processor, which will reach 4Top/s in its maximum configuration and is 20% more power efficient that its previous neural processors.

Pre Show

NXP reveals MCX MCUs with Matter, Thread, Zigbee and Bluetooth LE
NXP has finally revealed the wireless versions of its MCX microcontrollers, first announced in mid-2022. “Featuring the industry’s first MCU with Bluetooth Channel Sounding, NXP’s MCX W series enables edge devices with secure multi-protocol wireless for Matter, Thread, Zigbee and Bluetooth Low Energy,” according to the company,

Infineon rust_ecosystemEmbedded World: ASIL D qualified Rust compiler for Infineon TriCore processors
Infineon lines up a Rust programming language compiler for two of its TriCore architecture processor families: the existing TC3x and forthcoming TC4x.

What to expect at Embedded World
Automation and AI will be in evidence at this year’s show, writes Caroline Haye.



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Embedded World: Video Interview – Panasonic Industry on its range of sustainable solutions
We caught up with Panasonic Industry in Nuremberg at Embedded World 2023 as part of our promotional coverage for the event, discussing being involved in the connectivity ecosystem that makes a smart world more sustainable, part of the company’s green impact initiative.

Embedded World: Video Interview – Longsys on R&D, design and sales of storage
We caught up with Longsys in Nuremberg at Embedded World 2023 as part of our promotional coverage for the event, discussing storage solutions for automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, and enterprise data…

Friday 17 March

NXP PN7642 secure NFC MCU appEmbedded World: NFC reader, SESIP-Level 2 security and Cortex-M33 on one IC
Aiming at secure authentication, NXP has put an NFC reader on the same IC as SESIP-Level 2 security and an Arm Cortex-M33 with 180kbyte flash and 20kbyte ram.

Thursday 16 March

Murata Matter Thread WiFi Bluetooth moduleEmbedded World: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPAN in one module
With Matter communication in mind, Murata combines Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPAN radios in a single module – LBES5PL2EL

Embedded World: 3.5inch SBC gets Qualcomm Snapdragon QRB5165
DFI produces what it says is the first single-board computer sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon QRB5165 processor.

Wednesday 15 March

Embedded World: Fanless Alder Lake industrial PCs
OnLogic launches Intel Alder Lake 12th generation x86 fanless industrial PCs at Embedded World, called Helix 401.

Embedded World: AI vision processing MCUs for 12 cameras
In a second announcement in one day at Embedded World In Nuremberg, TI reveals Arm Cortex-A72-based MCUs for AI and vision processing with up to 12 cameras.

Embedded World: TI jumps into Cortex-M0+ with both feet
At Embedded World in Nuremberg today, Texas Instruments announces dozens of Arm Cortex-M0+ based microcontrollers.

Embedded World: Segger supports new STM32H5 MCUs
Segger announces development tool support for ST’s new STM32H5 family of Cortex-M33-based MCUs.

TQMx120UC com expressEmbedded World: Intel, NXP and TI processor modules from TQ
Embedded computing specialist TQ introduces computer-on-modules and other embedded boards with processors from Intel, NXP and TI.

Embedded World: Congatec adds TI-based single-board computers
Congatec is adding Texas Instruments processors to its portfolio of Arm-based single board computers – Conga-STDA4 is the first.

Tuesday 14 March

AMD EPYC Embedded_9004_blockEmbedded World: AMD’s 4th generation EPYC embedded processors
AMD announced its 4th generation EPYC embedded processors at Embedded World today, using its ‘Zen 4’ architecture and aimed at embedded networking, security, firewalls and storage in cloud and enterprise computing, as well in factory floor industrial edge servers.

Embedded World: Green Hills supports NXP S32G3 vehicle network processor
Green Hills Software announced support for NXP’s S32G3 vehicle network processor at Embedded World in Nuremberg today.

Miceochip secure element ICsEmbedded World: Authentication companion ICs for MCUs
At Embedded World today, Microchip announced six secure authentication devices that meet Common Criteria Joint Interpretation Library (JIL) secure key storage, and support algorithms that comply with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).

Embedded World: Automotive Bluetooth LE MCU
Onsemi announced an automotive-grade Bluetooth Low Energy wireless microcontroller, intended to reduce the weight of sensor cabling in vehicles.

Sponsored Content: Embedded World 2023 – Longsys brings “Everything for Memory” with FORESEE-branded embedded storage
At Embedded World 2023, Longsys will be displaying its latest FORESEE branded embedded storage products. These include automotive-grade UFS and eMMC, SPI NAND Flash, industrial-grade storage cards, and enterprise-level SSD.

Pre show

Infineon NGC1081 NFC receiver thermostat exampleEmbedded World – Harvesting NFC receiver for smart things
Infineon has created an IC to embedded in things that need to be controlled by a near-by mobile phone, which has in-built sensing and a motor driver.

Headed to Embedded World?
Embedded World returns to its more conventional diary slot (14-16 March) in Nuremberg, Germany. There are exhibitors in halls 1, 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 4A, covering application software and systems, embedded design, IC and IP design, M2M, safety and security, displays and startups. Caroline Hayes has curated some highlights to look for.

Embedded World: Seco i.MX 93 computer-on-module
At Embedded World next week, Seco will be showing an i.MX 93 computer-on-module compliant to SMARC release 2.1.1. Called Maury, its NXP processor has on board: Arm Cortex-A55, Cortex-M33 and Ethos-U65 – the last one a neural network processor.

NXP’s MCU developer toolset enables use of open source projects
NXP’s MCUXpresso toolset is aimed at software development for complex embedded applications, adding an IDE to enable use of open-source projects, simplified access to specialist middleware, and hardware abstraction to enable code reuse across NXP’s MCUs.





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