Embedded World: ASIL D qualified Rust compiler for Infineon TriCore processors

Infineon has lined up a Rust programming language compiler for two of its TriCore architecture processor families: the existing TC3x and forthcoming TC4x.

Infineon rust_ecosystem

“Rust, with its unique memory safety features, has emerged as a viable complement or potential substitute for C/C++ in automotive software development,” according to the company.

Working with Infineon, HighTec EDV-Systeme has released an ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified Rust compiler for TC3x and TC4x, which adds to a Rust ecosystem that “also includes Infineon’s peripheral access crates [PACs] for the TC37x, a set of Bluewind peripheral drivers, the Rust runtime NOS from Veecle, as well as tools from Lauterbach and PLS”, said Infineon.

The HighTec compiler comes with a pre-configured cargo build system for access to that Rust ecosystem, including I/O crates, drivers, a Rust runtime and a Rust integration of HighTec’s safety-certified real-time operating system PXROS-HR.

There are also example projects including use-cases with a mix of Rust and C/C++ – HighTec already has a C/C++ compiler for TriCore processors based on the open source LLVM compiler.

“This hybrid approach is probably the most interesting, as many projects using Rust are expected to re-use legacy code and to preserve the C/C++ investment,” said HighTec CTO Mario Cupelli.

Find most of these companies at Embedded World in Nuremberg from 9 to 11 April next week

Website (Embedded World location):

HighTec (hall 4, stand 4-432)

Bluewind (hall 5, stand 5-277)


Infineon TC3x and TC4x  (hall 4A, stand 4A-138)

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