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Single Board Computers

The latest Electronics Weekly product news on single board computers for industrial applications.

Atom x7000RE on VME

Concurrent VME RHEA block

  Concurrent Technologies has put Intel Atom x7000RE Amston Lake processors into a VME board, adding image processing and AI audio processing accelerators to the venerable form factor. CPU choice on the board, called Rhea, is either the four-core 1.5GHz x7433RE, or the two-core 2GHz x7213RE. “Whilst no longer the cutting edge of technology, VME continues to be a widely ...

Embedded World: Atom x7000RE SMARC processor modules for industry


Congatec announced SMARC modules based on Intel’s Atom x7000RE ‘Amston Lake’ processors. “Specially designed for industrial requirements, they deliver eight processor cores, double the previous generation, while maintaining the same power consumption,” according  to Congatec. Called conga‑SA8, the modules are credit card size and operate over -40 to +85°C. Read all the latest news from Embedded World 2024 » AI ...

Embedded World: Atom x7000RE edge AI servers

Supermicro edge computers intel Atom

Supermicro has announced edge computers built around Intel’s Atom x7000RE processors. SYS-E100-14AM and SYS-E102-14AM mini-PCs have up to eight ‘Efficient’ cores had dissipate less than 12W. “While the SYS-E102 comes in a form factor of only 190 x 44 x 120 mm, these systems offer up to 16GB of DDR5-SODIMM, dual 2.5 GbE LAN ports, two independent HDMI ports, three ...

Mouser signs Edge Impulse; accelerates intelligence at the edge


Mouser reflected one of the major themes at Embedded World 2024, intelligence at the edge, and announced it has signed Edge Impulse, the software framework provider for embedded machine learning (ML) applications. Machine learning is implemented at the edge of the network, explained Mouser’s Mark Patrick in order to make decisions very quickly at the [network] edge. [Edge Impulse’s] products ...

Embedded World: fast 64bit quad core RISC-V development board for Linux

SiFive HiFive-Premier-P550 dev board

SiFive has announced a quad-core RISC-V development board. HiFive Premier P550, as it will be known, is built around an Eswin EIC7700 processor which has SiFive’s 64bit three-issue, out-of-order P550 cores, 256kbyte L2 cache and 4Mbyte L3 cache. It is collaborating with Canonical to ensure Ubuntu will run on the board, which is similar to a PC motherboard. “The board ...

BeagleBoard puts 4Top/s AI processor in Raspberry Pi form factor

BeagleBoard BeagleY-AI

The BeagleBoard organisation has introduced a 4Top/s-capable AI processor in Raspberry Pi form factor, built around a Texas Instruments AM67A vision processor. Called a link to suitable Debian XFCE Linux distribution, it “AM67A features a quad-core 64bit Arm CPU subsystem, two general-purpose DSPs and matrix-multiply-accelerators, GPU, vision and deep learning accelerators, and multiple Arm Cortex-R5 cores for low-latency GPIO control”, ...

Farnell stocking Advantech single-board computers in EMEA

Farnell stocks Advantech sbcs

Component distributor Farnell has added industrial single-board computers to it line card in EMEA (Europe and Middle East). “Over the coming months, Farnell plans to broaden this selection globally with focus on product breadth and expanding into other regions,” according to Farnell. “Advantech constantly reflects and introduces models,” said Advantech director of alliances Alexandre Caghassi. “The purpose of our partnership ...

Wireless IoT dev board connects to a hundred sensors

SparkFun WRL-21636-XBee-Dev board

Digi International and SparkFun Electronics have designed a development board that adds peripherals around a socket for Digi’s XBee wireless modules. Called ‘SparkFun Digi XBee development board’, it is designed for prototyping cellular IoT applications using one of several Digi’s XBee wireless modules – the socket footprint is Digi’s 13 x 19mm XBee 3 micro form factor – in particular ...