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Mouser signs Edge Impulse; accelerates intelligence at the edge

Mouser reflected one of the major themes at Embedded World 2024, intelligence at the edge, and announced it has signed Edge Impulse, the software framework provider for embedded machine learning (ML) applications.

Machine learning is implemented at the edge of the network, explained Mouser’s Mark Patrick in order to make decisions very quickly at the [network] edge. [Edge Impulse’s] products are designed to enable engineers to build and deploy ML applications very simply and quickly. The tools are hardware-agnostic continued Patrick, to support any target platforms available from Mouser, for example Nordic Semiconductor’s RF52 and Bluetooth Low Energy, and boards from Thingy, Silicon Labs and Raspberry Pi boards.

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Anything with a small footprint, small memory and high performance for edge training can be developed faster, easier and simpler, summarised Patrick.

Mouser customers can gain easy online access to the Edge Impulse software platform through relevant product microsites and learn more about how they can use ML to empower their designs. Edge Impulse users can access compatible hardware, including microcontrollers and development kits, directly from Mouser.

The potential for edge AI covers multiple market sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, consumer products and the emerging genre of agri-AI or agricultural AI where it is used to identify pests and is envisaged for use in robotic fruit pickers where it is able to identify ripe fruit that can be harvested.

According to the distributor, the worldwide collaboration is designed to remove barriers preventing edge AI and ML development and simplify access to hardware products, streamlining development. The partnership builds on previous successful collaborations between the two companies, initially with BrickML, a standalone tool designed by Edge Impulse and manufactured by Reloc. This system-on-module (SoM) allows engineers to develop and deploy ML at the edge and is exclusively distributed through Mouser.


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