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Nvidia packages inference to deliver generative AI for healthcare


Optimised packages of AI models and workflows with API have been packaged as NIMs (Nvidia Inference Microservices) which developers can use as building blocks to develop generative AI for healthcare, from drug discovery, med-tech and digital health products. Nvidia announced 25 NIMs at its developer conference, GTC 2024, offering advanced imaging, natural language and speech recognition, digital biology generation, prediction ...

Nvidia Blackwell GPU shares Hopper architecture but ramps up performance


As accelerated computing reaches its tipping point, Nvidia’s CEO explained the company’s plan is not to drive down costs but to scale up performance. He was speaking at Nvidia GTC in San Jose, introducing the Blackwell AI superchip. It will democratise trillion parameter AI, promises Huang, to meet the 1.8 trillion parameters computing performance of accelerated computing. In the home ...

Simple idea lets ultrasound sense the unsensable


An ultrasound-based sensing technique developed for medicine could have wider application. The question that inspired the technique was: how do we spot leaks from the gut after gastric surgery? Neither ultrasound, CT or MRI scanning could be used to remotely determine local chemistry around the internal wound, according to Northwestern University, which teamed up with the Washington University School of ...

Solid State Disks increases speeds in latest replacement drive


The SCSIFlash-Fast is a swap-in upgrade/replacement for electromechanical hard disk drives (HDDs) that use the small computer system interface (SCSI).  Initially available with 68- and 80-pin connectors, this generation of HDD has write speeds of up to 80MByte/sec, increased from 10MByte/sec. The drive uses proven SCSI drive architecture and industrial CFast or M.2 SSD memory, and has storage capacities ranging ...

Murata shrinks multi-amp mini automotive inductors

Murata automotive inductors photo

Murata has announced multi-amp miniature automotive SMD inductors that are over 30% better than their forebears. Measuring 2 x 1.6 x 1.2mm (0806 or 2016), there are two types: DFE2MCPHR33MJLLQ 0.33μH ±20%, 0.018Ω 5.1A max (6.4A typ) at 40°C rise 6.9A max (8.1A typ) at 30% inductance change DFE2MCPHR47MJLLQ 0.47μH±20%, 0.022Ω 4.4A max (5.5A typ) at 40°C rise 5.4A max ...

The age of digital healthcare heralds IoMT


With increasing use of the IoT in healthcare and medical applications, the internet of medical things is emerging to operate alongside the IoT in logistics, industry and consumer products, says Tomohide Yamazaki. The internet of medical things (IoMT) market is expected to grow significantly in the future, rising from $113bn in 2021 to reach $341.17bn by 2028, according to Global ...

DigiKey MedTech video series takes the pulse of evolving medical devices


DigiKey is launching Season 1 of its MedTech Beyond Video Series, produced in conjunction with NXP Semiconductors and Recom Power. The distributor’s latest series – it has also covered automation, Smart Cities and supply chains, for example – explores the evolving landscape of medical devices. “As healthcare needs and technology both rapidly advance, DigiKey is proud to support the needed ...

ESA awards contract to service Space Rider robotic laboratory


The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded Tyvak International a €4.5 million ($4.7 million) contract for a “proximity operations and in-orbit servicing mission” that will deploy a nanosatellite spacecraft from Space Rider. This is the planned European uncrewed robotic laboratory. Tyvak – specifically, the Italian corporate entity of the organisation – will be the prime contractor for the project that ...