Electronics Weekly @ 60 – Celebrating 60 years of electronics

Read our special supplement celebrating 60 years of Electronics Weekly and looking ahead to the future of the industry (our first edition was on 7 September 1960).


EW@60: Something to celebrate

Comment / Analysis

EW@60: Electronics to have ‘eyes’, Dr Tsugio Makimoto is president of Hitachi Semiconductors, recipient of the 2018 IEEE Robert N Noyce Medal and inventor of ‘Makimoto’s Wave’

EW@60: Collaborate for the future, Sir Robin Saxby FRS is founding CEO of Arm and past-president of the IET

EW@60: AI computers surpass us, Nigel Toon is CEO of Graphcore

EW@60: Look for the opportunity by Dick Skipworth is founder and CEO of Memec

EW@60: Health R&D is a priority by Luc Van den hove is CEO of Imec

EW@60: Follow the pendulums, by Rupert Baines is CEO of UltraSoC

EW@60: A good time for start-ups, Peter Claydon is co-founder and CEO of Picochip, founder and CEO of Picocom


EW@60: Hidden gems revealed, Steve Bush explores the treasures in the pages of the first edition of Electronics Weekly, tracking down companies still trading

EW@60: Diversity is about context, Caroline Hayes asks Chi Onwurah, former head of telecoms technology at Ofcom, what can be done to attract girls to STEM

EW@60: A Tower of Babel, Alun Williams tries to make sense of the Babel of programming languages that have emerged in the past 60 years and more

You can also view the supplement in magazine form.

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