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Mannerisms Newsletter Mannerisms (Tuesday, 11am): a roundup of the weeks latest and most popular posts from David Manners’ Mannerisms blog on the semiconductor industry (and more). Click the image to get the flavour.

Gadget Master NewsletterGadget Master (Friday, 11am): a pick of the latest posts from the Gadget Master blog, concentrating on both maker projects and the latest gizmos. There’s also a pick of Classic posts from the past.

Weekly NewsletterWeekly (Thursday, 11am): rounding up the major news from the week and all developments on the Electronics Weekly site, as well as sampling the News, Products, Blogs and Jobs sections. Each week we lead on a different topic.

Daily News newsletterDaily (Monday – Friday, 1pm): the latest headlines from the News, Products, Blogs and Jobs sections. Keeping you on top of things, in one short email.

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Don’t forget to also sign up for Job Updates, for the latest positions, and Industry Updates, bringing you the latest technology and product news direct from companies within our industry. Note that these emails are editorial but sponsored content, sourced from the companies directly.

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