23V 7A USB Type-C source protection switch

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has released a 7A 23V USB Type-C protection and reverse-blocking switch IC.

AnO AOZ1377DI rail switch block

Dubbed AOZ1377DI, is can be used in both Sink and Source applications and it “offers features that significantly reduce voltage drop and power loss compared to back-to-back p-channel devices”, promises the company.

Instead it uses a pair of internal drain-to-drain n-channel mosfets, whose gates are driven from a charge pump to a voltage above the positive input or output rail.

Inputs between 3.4 and 23V can be accommodated, with both imput and output protected up to 28V.

“These devices are ideal for multi-port Type-C PD 3.0 current sources supporting up to 100W”, it said, listing laptops, monitors, and docking stations.

Reverse current blocking is included, which trips when the output rises 30mV above the input. Trip time is 1µs (at 30+500mV difference).

AnO AOZ1377DI rail switch cct 715

An output enable input is provided, and consumption is 3μA when disabled.

Resistor-programmable input over-voltage protection turns off the output if the input gets too high – providing the 23V input limit is never exceeded.

Other protections include under-voltage lock-out, over-current (resistor programmable), short-circuit, over-temperature, and soft-start against in-rush current from high capacitive loads (capacitor programmable).

There are two variants: AOZ1377DI-01 will automatically re-start once fault conditions are cleared, whereas AOZ1377DI-02 will latch the power switch off, requiring the enable input to be cycled for a re-start.

Packaging is a thermally-enhanced 10pad DFN3x3.

“To simplify system compliance testing, the AOZ1377DI is UL 2367 and IEC62368-1 certified,” said AOS marketing manager Jongchul Song.

Find the AOZ1377DI data sheet here

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